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Just an artist who enjoys table top RPGs very much. Hopefully will post more soon, but for now just exploring this new land.... created icon myself using "star child" picrew (see external links)

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Just Me and the Fam (aka possessed shovel) Chillin'

Art trade with overlord-pink from a while back

Just a couple of uploads from my Insta that are decent, and then I'll post more recent stuff

overlord-pink -

it's her~ <3

overlord-pink reblogged basin

basin -


artfight attack on @overlord-pink, aka missdorkidorki, and their very cute character

overlord-pink -

Thank you so much!! She looks amazing, I love it!!

attack for Pink!!

overlord-pink -

I've said it once, I'll say it a million times, thank you! She looks wonderful!!