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Just an artist who enjoys table top RPGs very much. Hopefully will post more soon, but for now just exploring this new land.... created icon myself using "star child" picrew (see external links)

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artfight attack on @overlord-pink, aka missdorkidorki, and their very cute character

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Thank you so much!! She looks amazing, I love it!!

attack for Pink!!

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I've said it once, I'll say it a million times, thank you! She looks wonderful!!

Space dragon

They say there are dragons in space. Hidden in the darkest places in the galaxy, beings as old as the stars. They say they are born in nebulae and die as supernovae, and that the spationaut who catches their eyes will travel in space without fear, for the dragons will protect them. No one has ever seen one, and no one will, as they are made of legends and dreams. But sometimes, when gazing at the stars, one cannot help but feel the stars gaze back.

Kinda old illustration I made of a space dragon for my story. Spationauts have many myths and legends about space, but this is the most known one.

@overlord-pink i went ahead and assumed that by "colorful" you meant "eye-searing" and no i won't be accepting corrections at this time. he's a freaky little fish fellow who's gonna steal shit from fantasy raves and i love him

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best DJ in the deep yo B)

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🦌 + 🦜 ?

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🦌 - Antlers

🦜 - Colorful skin/feathers/fur (specify)

Not sure if this totally fits the prompt lol It wasn't specified what should be colorful so I give you blue deer! Also hope a colored sketch is okay lol

Art Giveaway Prize

1st place: @overlord-pink

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She looks amazing! Thank you so much ^-^

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I'm Phantomflame03 on art fight! Same as here and everywhere 😅

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I'm astrozzz on artfight!

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missdorkidorki is my joint account, ready to rummble! (^o^)/